Voltage Optimization

Voltage management is an umbrella term covering various distinct technologies, including Voltage Power Optimization, voltage stabilization, voltage regulation or voltage reduction. The basic principle of all voltage management equipment be it voltage optimization system or any other, is to change the voltage level from that of the incoming grid supply to obtain the desired level.

This helps to correct situations such as over-voltage, under-voltage or phase imbalances. Our Voltage Optimization Solutions focus on reducing energy consumption through Voltage Optimization. The technology can be installed on existing infrastructure to reduce the voltage supplied to equipment, minimize consumption while remaining within the operating conditions specified by the equipment manufacturer.

Voltage Optimization System

Built around a proprietary and patented design, we rely on Icopower’s range of voltage optimizers and voltage stabilizers to deliver reliable and consistent savings to our clients in Nairobi and surrounding areas. Electrical equipment can sometimes consume more energy at higher voltages. Basic electrical laws mean the power required by certain loads is proportional to the square of the voltage. A supply voltage in excess of the nominal 400/230V may result in excessive energy consumption – by the equipment connected to the distribution system. By efficiently bringing supply voltages to the lower end of the statutory voltage range, voltage optimization technology could yield average energy savings of between 8-14%

Voltage Installation System

Power factor correction

Power quality is critical to efficient operation of equipment. One contributing element to electric power quality is power factor. Power Factor is a way of describing how efficiently electrical power is consumed. It is the ratio of Real Power (kW) to Apparent Power (kVA). In an efficient, purely resistive circuit, all of the current delivered to the load is converted to real work (kW). Therefore kW = kVA, and the Power Factor = 1 (Unity)

Icopower ESCO designs and installs capacitor banks tailored to a specific site’s requirements. They are usually installed at the incoming mains supply to a building, but can be installed on any specific plant equipment that needs power factor correction. We also troubleshoot and fine tune existing power factor banks for maximum functionality. The units are manufactured in Italy, using the highest quality components and sturdy steel powder coated enclosures to prevent corrosion and exposure to harsh environments.

Power Factor Correction


Many loads in industry today are inefficient inductive types, particularly motors and transformers. This inductance causes the current to lag behind the voltage. Subsequently, reactive currents drawn (kVAr) are used to create the magnetic field needed to operate these machines. Therefore, power is lost or ‘wasted’ in the magnetic field and KW’s are less than kVA’s, and Power Factor is less than 1. The greater the ratio of inductive loads to resistive loads across your site, the lower the power factor and the higher the reactive charges you will see itemised on your bills.

Power factor correction is the calculated introduction of capacitors to an inductive system. The capacitors, whether static or automated, reduce current and improve the power factor of a system, bringing it as close to unity as possible. Power factor correction technology increases electrical capacity by reducing the maximum kVA drawn on an electrical system.

Power Factor Correction:

  • Reduces the overall power demand, leading to lower electricity bills and reduced charges. 
  • Helps in heat reduction, voltage drop reductions, and hence an overall improvement in power quality, resulting in an increased lifetime of the electrical equipment. 
  • Causes a reduction in Transformer and distribution losses leading to an increase in supply capacity.

Harmonics Filtering

Another element that contributes to power quality is Harmonics. Icopower ESCO offers power quality solutions to mitigate issues caused by harmonics. Depending on the requirement, we rely on reactors, passive & active harmonic filters and output filters. Many of our solutions are plug & play and can be easily adapted to the client’s requirements. Non-linear loads such as variable speed drives (VSD), uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), and personal computers cause harmonic voltages and currents since they draw current in short abrupt pulses, rather than in a smooth sinusoidal manner.

This introduces currents of additional frequencies, which are reflected back into the system, distorting the AC waveform. Harmonics increase the amount of power required by the system due to a reduction in power quality, contributing to a lower power factor and higher energy costs as a result of the reduced efficiency of the system. Harmonic filtering can reduce overheating of equipment, reduce nuisance tripping of circuit breakers and improve power quality contributing to reduced energy costs.

Lighting Retrofit

Icopower ESCO offers LED and energy-efficient lighting solutions. We are manufacturer-neutral, thus our focus is entirely on reliable, high quality, high efficiency, and cost-effective lighting products.Using a combination of industry experience, manufacturing partnerships, and logistical capabilities, we design solution-oriented packages around each client's particular goals.With energy consumption constantly on the rise, now more than ever, being efficient with the energy you use is just as important as the rate you pay. With our LED Lighting Retrofit program you will definitely reduce your businesses’ energy consumption with no effect on your day to day operations.With our customized, turn-key LED Retrofit program which is tailored to client specific requirements, we help businesses reduce their overall energy consumption by cutting lighting expenses 60% on average.

We have partnered with the world’s best manufacturers to deliver the very best in quality, installation and ongoing LED Lighting Retrofit service.Our lighting engineers take the lights inventory and specifications on the colour temperature, illuminance, colour rendering index and luminous flux. Icopower ESCO aims at delivering the best energy efficiency in lighting by focusing on both luminous efficacy (lumens/watt) and useful lumens (lumens/Watt•ft2).The retrofit will deliver better lighting quality than the existing setup. Icopower ESCO finances the lighting retrofit at its own cost, offering immediate benefits to the client. Icopower ESCO is paid through an Energy Saving Performance Contract.

We provide luminaires for both private and public infrastructure, namely: Street lights, building illumination (interior and exterior) and customization of the luminaries as per the client’s needs. These products are manufactured in premises that are certified in one or more of the following standards: ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, CE and RoHS, ENEC, TUV. We finance the retrofit at our own cost – hence no upfront costs.

Lumens/watt are the units for a measurement called luminous efficacy. A lumen is the amount of visible light emitted by a given bulb. Lumens/Watt indicates the amount of visible light the bulb emits for a given amount of energy required to generate it. It is a simple measure of energy efficiency where the higher the value the more efficient the light. The basic difference between luminous efficacy (lumens/Watt) and useful lumens or foot candles (lumens/Watt•ft2) is that the former describes the total amount of light emitted by the bulb while the latter describes the amount of light emitted in the relevant target area.

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Optimization

Most A.C. units use 1 temperature sensor that switches on when it gets too hot, and off when it is below the set temperature. This is inefficient, and wastes significant energy. Icopower-Escopartnered with COOLNOMIX® to offer energy saving solutions through Air Conditioning Optimization using Coolnomix gadgets.

COOLNOMIX is an intelligent control system which improves energy efficiency in refrigeration and air conditioning systems by replacing the thermostat in a compressor driven cooling system

COOLNOMIX makes use of two separate temperature sensors that identifies and optimizes the thermodynamic/hydraulic work done by the compressor and refrigerant

Voltage Optimization System
Voltage Optimization System

Variable Speed Drives

Icopower-Esco implements Variable speed drives to control the speed of motors in machines that are motor driven. Without a VSD, a motor-driven machine operates at a fixed speed and the output is controlled by external mechanical means (vents, valves, brakes etc) leading to inefficiencies. With a VSD, the output of the system is controlled by directly changing the speed or torque of the motor resulting in reduced power consumption and significant energy savings.

Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHPs)

Icopower Esco installs air source heat pumps to help clients save on energy used in heating of water. With ASHPs, savings of up to 60% are achievable. The pumps absorb renewable heat from the environment to heat water thereby replacing traditional hot water boilers; Electricity is used by the pump as it compresses the liquid to increase its temperature. It then condenses back into a liquid to release its stored heat. Less electrical energy is used in the process as compared to using the traditional boilers

Solar Water Heating

Icopower Esco designs and installs solar water heating system for clients. Sizing of the system is done after careful study of the requirements of the client. Heating your water with energy from the sun is one way to take advantage of free, renewable solar energy. SWHs have the ability to reduce electricity bills at home by 65%.. The solar water heating system comprises of solar collectors and a storage tank. Water is circulated through the collectors, then it gets heated by the sun. The thermal energy of the sun heats the fluid in the collectors. The heated fluid is passed in a heat exchanger in the storage tank where the heat is transferred to the water. The fluid cycles beck to the collectors as it is non-freezing.

Solar PV

Icopower ESCO deploys Solar PV solutions. With the abundance of high sunlight in the region and Africa as a whole, there is need to harness Solar PV for both domestic and industrial use.Icopower ESCO provides an independent Off-the-Grid system that provides autonomy and empowers users to produce and manage electricity effectively. Icopower ESCO applies the ESCO Model. It finances and implements the solar PV solution at its own cost, then sells generated power to the client at a discounted rate. In this way, the client benefits from cheaper electricity at no capital investment.

Icopower ESCO has a pool of competent engineers to ensure accurate designs and installation of Solar PV both for small-scale and large-scale electrical energy consumers are done. The scoping and design planning of projects across Eastern Africa and the Indian Ocean with the target to offer a more sufficient and reliable source of green energy is a driving objective to ensure renewable energy uptake all round.The country is working towards providing solutions for excess generated power to be fed back to the grid as a source of revenue generation, and the investment in Solar PV has a futuristic return on investment potential.