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Energy Audits


An Energy Audit is the first step to understanding how energy is used within a building. This gives insights on how to cost-effectively reduce energy consumption and operating costs as well as improve environmental impact.

Walk-Through Audit (WTA)

A Walk-Through Audit is a diagnosis of a facility’s performance in terms of energy consumption. The WTA provides an overview of potential energy savings and the main improvements to achieve them. The WTA analysis consists of several key elements:

  • The building energy consumption profile
  • Energy savings opportunities
  • Preliminary financial valuation related to associated CAPEX and OPEX

Investment-Grade Audit (IGA)

An Investment-Grade Audit represents a deeper level of analysis of a facility’s energy consumption. Through an IGA, we provide a fully detailed description of the building consumption profile together with a savings model based on highly accurate metering of all end uses of energy. Elements of the IGA include:

  • 24/7 consumption monitoring, highlighting areas for improvement
  • Detailed technical design of the proposed solutions
  • Detailed financial proposal of solutions, together with in-depth analysis of the solutions’ profitability in terms of ROI and simple payback

Energy Performance Contracts

Energy Saving Performance Contracts (ESPCs) allow organizations to accomplish energy-saving projects without up-front capital costs. Icopower ESCO is financing projects with its own capital and is getting paid through a portion of the savings achieved. Icopower ESCO aims at delivering the best energy saving solutions in Kenya which can produce positive cash-flow for their clients from the start.

With our ESPCs, our clients can leverage green, scalable, cost-effective and easy to deploy integrated energy saving technology solutions in order to increase energy efficiency, make lighting and power systems reliable, reduce carbon emissions, and lower the operation costs. Payment for our solutions is based on the savings achieved for the Client. Once the savings are measured & verified, the Client can opt for a fixed monthly payment out of the savings or a percentage share (typically 50%) of the savings to be calculated monthly based on the Client’s kWh consumption.

Energy Monitoring System

Icopower-Esco offers monitoring services for industrial companies, Telcom base stations, data centres& UPS Applications. 

The data is provided in real time and helps to monitor consumption, identify potential issues, budget in advance and, most importantly, manage energy costs actively without having to wait for the electricity bill at month end.

Measurement and Verification

Icopower ESCO implements energy-saving measures at its own cost and has an established methodology to measure and verify the savings achieved. Icopower ESCO has adopted the International Performance Measurement & Verification Protocol (IPMVP) to analyze the energy savings.The methodology is based on a combination of historical data evaluation(pre and post-installation) and real-time measurement (pre and post-installation). The two measurement techniques can be used to cross-check one another:

Historical Data Analysis - Post-Installation

Icopower ESCO offers a 3 months trial period. The data from the KPLC bills, before and after installation, is compared. This comparison enables one to determine and quantify the savings achieved since installation.The data is normally analyzed in absolute levels or relative to production data and seasonality where applicable.The 12-month period before installation is used as the baseline.

Adjustment of the baseline is often required to take into account variables such as an increase/decrease in production, changing the cost per kWh, increase in temperature and/or other energy-saving measures implemented at the same time.

Real-Time Measurement

Real time measurement entails using power meters and/or energy data loggers to measure the key electric parameters of the facility, BEFORE and AFTER the implementation of energy saving measures. The Icopower voltage optimizers can easily be put into temporary or permanent by-pass to verify the savings.Icopower carries real time measurement at the sub-board level in order to measure & verify, as precisely as possible, the energy savings resulting from the installation.The demand of KVA is generally used to compare the difference between pre- and post-installation because it is a measure of apparent power (active kW + reactive power kVAR). We also analyze the Power Factor values to determine if we have improved the efficiency of the plant at the sub-board level and at the overall facility level.

Thermography Services

Icopower ESCO offers thermography services to identify areas for potential savings. Some of the potential energy saving opportunities in facilities arise from frequent preventive maintenance in facilities. Thermography utilizes radiation emitted in the infrared light spectrum to measure surface temperatures by using specially designed infrared video and still cameras. It reveals thermal problems that are simply undetectable to the human eye.

A thermographic inspection can detect problems without shutting down the equipment, or interfering with production. Infrared Thermography reveals maintenance problems that are visually undetectable. This technology enables us to detect overloaded circuits, faulty insulation of both electrical cables and steam lines, faulty connections and other defective electrical components. These faulty systems are normally health hazards and also a source of energy wastage.

Installation Services

Along with our worldwide established partners and extended vendors and contractors’ network, we provide high-quality Installation Services, according to your needs and budget.Application areas:

  1. Electrical Distribution
  2. Lighting (indoor and outdoor)
  3. Energy Management Systems

Maintenance Services

We provide Maintenance Services within the Energy Performance Contract context. Maintenance Services include voltage optimization, surge protection, and reactive power compensation systems. Our approach is according to technical and environmental standards. Our Maintenance Services aim at increasing power reliability and energy savings.